Local Gas Boiler Services & Repairs

Boiler Repair

We understand that boiler repair costs can be substantial, which is why our services aim to effectively address all issues and minimize the risk of future problems.

Boiler Servicing

Annual boiler servicing is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of your system and preventing issues caused by inadequate maintenance.

Boiler Installation

When you require a new gas boiler, it is always best to seek the right advice from a reputable and knowledgeable installer.

Boiler Installations, Repairs & Services​

Our team of engineers specializes in boiler installations, repairs, and services. We have the expertise to effectively repair and service most systems, ensuring they operate at optimal efficiency while also preventing future issues. If you’re experiencing any problems with your boiler, our skilled engineers can investigate and diagnose the source, saving you from the stress and hassle associated with these issues. Count on us to provide reliable solutions for your boiler needs, ensuring its smooth operation and your peace of mind.

Do You Need An Oil Boiler Replacement?

Over time, your boiler will inevitably reach a stage where its performance diminishes compared to its earlier days. This decline can manifest in terms of reduced efficiency, diminished reliability, or overall subpar performance.

If you’re uncertain about when to consider an oil boiler replacement, here are some indicators to watch out for:

    • Age: Your current boiler was installed more than a decade ago.
    • Decreased Efficiency: It is no longer as efficient as it once was, resulting in escalating heating bills.
    • Unusual Sounds: You’ve noticed unusual sounds emanating from the boiler or heating system.
    • Frequent Issues: You frequently encounter problems or breakdowns with your boiler.
    • Difficulty Sourcing Parts: Heating engineers struggle to find replacement parts for your boiler.
    • Reduced Comfort: Your home no longer provides the same level of warmth and comfort as it did previously.

Should you observe one or more of these signs, it may be time to consider replacing your oil boiler.

Accredited Worcester Bosch Installers

Worcester has been committed to quality since it first pioneered domestic oil-fired boilers in 1962. Its commitment to excellence has only been reinforced since becoming part of the Bosch Group.  
The Worcester name stands for reliability, efficiency and quality – values that we think are important for our customers. 
In a gas heated home, the gas boiler can contribute as much as 60% of the carbon dioxide emissions. If you have an old boiler with high energy usage, changing to a new Worcester Greenstar ‘A’ rated boiler will reduce your carbon dioxide emissions and will reduce your gas usage. 

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